Free 2021 Calendar Printable

Get organized in 2021 by printing out these calendars and hanging them on your wall or just placing it on your desk. We made them in a large size (18x24") so there is plenty of room to right in your schedule. Use the notes at the bottom of the page for extra room.

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We get a lot of people asking where they should get it printed so here is a tutorial:


1. Download your files onto your computer.

2. Go to and click on their "SERVICES" dropdown

3. Click on "Blueprints" under the "Document Printing" category.

4. Once you are on the "Blueprints" page click on "START PROJECT"

5. Upload the files from your computer.

6. Once all the files are uploaded then hit "Continue"


7. Finish your order by choosing the layout (18x24), color (black and white), and print options (how many copies you want of each page. In this case it would just be 1, unless you want multiple calendars)

It's that easy! You can either choose to pick up at the store or have it delivered to your house! You can also choose to pay now or pay at pick up. My total came out to only $22.68 before tax. Thats so inexpensive for 12 large prints. 

Enjoy your calendars and thank you for downloading!